FC Dynamo ROC GU10

Champions of the RDYSL GU11!!!

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FC Dynamo ROC BU16 McMahon win PA Clasics tournament!!!       

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FC Dynamo ROC BU17 Lucey are Champions of the Thruway League!!!       

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FC Dynamo ROC GU12 Win Fairport Tournament!!!

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FC Dynamo ROC GU10 Champions of the Northstars Cup!!!    

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FC Dynamo ROC GU15 Champions of the Cobras College Showcase!!!

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2016-2017 SEASON

Open tryouts for the 2016-2017 season will be held at Webster Schroeder High School and Rochester Institute of Technology.
Boys and Girls U7 (2010), U8 (2009), U9 (2008), U10 (2007), U11 (2006), U12 (2005)
Monday, July 18th         6 - 7:30pm            at Rochester Institute of Technology
Saturday, July 23rd       3:30 - 5pm            at Webster Schroeder High School
Boys and Girls U13 (2004), U14 (2003), U15 (2002)
Saturday, July 23rd      12 - 1:30pm           at Webster Schroeder High School
Sunday, July 31st          1 - 2:30pm            at Rochester Institute of Technology

Boys and Girls U16 (2001), U17 (2000), U18 (1999), U19 (1998)
Saturday, July 23rd      1:45 - 3:15pm        at Webster Schroeder High School
Sunday, July 31st          3 - 4:30pm            at Rochester Institute of Technology

*** Additional tryout for GU16 (2001) and GU17 (2000) will be held on August 6 at 11:30am at Webster Schroeder High School.

If you would like to attend the additional tryout please register and also email Tom Strutt at tsrutt169@aol.com.

*​ Players are encouraged, but are not required to attend both tryout sessions

* Online registration required